Hi, We're the Foolish Couple

Why do we call ourselves Foolish?

In our society, 90% of the people sees being ‘Normal’ as the norm, as a good thing. Normal people are the majority. Normal people goes to an average school, get average grades, get an average job with average pay, have a ho-hum relationship at home and a raise a few ‘normal’ kids.

The remaining 10%, the ‘Abnormal’ people like us, wants to excel. Wants to do good. Strives to be better today than yesterday. We don’t get satisfied with our status quo, because we know we can be better.

We can be in a better financial position so that we can help others who cannot help themselves.

We can be in better health so that we can truly experience life.

We can have a better intimate relationship so that we can truly be fulfilled and joyful.

We can have a better engagement – whether it is an job, a contract, a business, or volunteer work. Something that truly fills our soul, drive our ambition, and be good for the society.

And, what the hack, we want better things too. Nothing to be ashamed of. A home that looks out to the ocean, where we can hear the waves hitting the beach? A fast car that we can appreciate? Nice restaurants and nice clothes? Maybe even a private jet? A yacht? Why the hell not. We work hard. We deserve it.

The normal people call us Foolish, because we are different, not because we are dumb, silly, or stupid. We’re just different. And we strive to be different.

And, of course, we’re both born on April 1st. So yeah we’re the Foolish Couple.


What exactly do we do?

In a walnut shell, we work with most couples (some singles) to find true happiness and success. We enhances their relationship, so that their synergy can improves the other areas of their lives, have better health, a stronger career, a more successful business.

Why we do what we do?

When we first met each other 30 years ago, we were puzzled by how different our parents were. On one side we have a pair of parents that are truly in sync, they love each other and sees each other as the most important thing in the world. On the other side, we have another pair of parents who fights all day long, talk behind each other’s backs, picking on everything they do. There is no sign of love and respect between them.

So we became obsessed with this ‘phenomenon’. Since then, we focus on answering the following 3 questions

  1. What brings 2 people together?
  2. What makes a couple stay together and what are the different levels of their relationship? 
  3. How does having a good relationship relates to success in other areas of a couple’s life, namely, their health, finances, career, relationships, and social life?

After 30 years, we’re still learning new things, and, as the world changes, the dynamics between a couple also changes. But we are putting out everything we know into our website here. Hope you enjoy.

Minna Wong

 MBA, Jack Canfield Certified Transformation Coach, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of the Foolish Academy

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Andrew Nam  

Jack Canfield Transformation Coach, PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder of the Foolish Academy

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